Fire in the sky.

I meant to post these over the weekend but I forgot. It seems like the day before a storm, we have the most gorgeous sunrises. It certainly seems that the colder the weather, the nicer the sunrise. Of course, when we have a snow storm moving in, all we get are grey skies.

When I got up, it was still dark. I went into the dungeon to dye and kept checking the sky as I always do on these early mornings. The Sunrise started out pretty boring. Just some purple and a little yellow. Then we got this:

And I stuck around because I knew more was coming. This was the pinnacle of the sunrise:
If you click the photos you get to see them really big.

This morning I spent my dye time shoveling and cleaning off the cars. I know it’s sick but I actually like to shovel (to a degree). It’s started to snow again. For those of you wishing for snow
I hope you get some soon.

I wish I could say that I spent my snow day knitting and finishing projects. I knit a sock for 7 going on 20 and it stunk so I’m ripping and reknitting. It’s much better know. I also spun a bit. The rest of the day was spent trying to get ahead on club dyeing. The Christmas holiday is cutting right into the club shipment time so I’m hoping to get it done early. If not it will be late this month.

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11 Responses to Fire in the sky.

  1. Loopykd says:

    They say red sky in the morning, sailor take warning so I imagine that bad weather follows sunrises like these. Nice work!

  2. Janice in GA says:

    You got some pretty nifty crepuscular rays going on in those pictures! I love those.

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful colors! Snowsnowsnowsnowsnow! If we get any this year, it will probably only be a flake or two deep. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your photos :D

  4. Lucia says:

    I took a sunrise picture this morning too, but it wasn’t nearly as spectacular as yours — just pink and gold stripes across the sky. (Hmmm, a new colorway next time I dye? I tend toward blues and purples, so I have lots of yellow left.)

  5. MX says:


  6. Gina House says:

    Really beautiful pictures, Amy!

  7. DebbieB says:

    We will totally understand if Christmas makes Club late.

    We will weep, but we will understand. ;-)

  8. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful photos. Skies like that just make you stop and breath deeply, don’t they? I’ve got some beautiful sunrise photos on my camera right now, too … hope one day to be able to download them onto my computer. If I can ever get it to work again.

    Snow. I’m jealous. I knew I should have moved to Maine years ago!

    Hugs, Jen

  9. marta says:

    omg absolutely beautiful!! just had to comment real quick – I’ll come back later to catch up. I had an instant refrain of Jim Morrison singing “Fire in the sky….waa waa wa wahhhh…unto this life we’re born…” or whatever -I need to go listen to Doors now.

  10. Tonia says:

    Those pictures are gorgeous. We are supposed to get snow tonight, but I won’t hold my breath. ;)

  11. Annalea says:

    My grandmother taught me a looooong time ago the old rhyme (which Loopykd mentioned):

    Red sky in the morning
    sailor, take warning.
    Red sky at night
    sailor’s delight.

    We’ve had some really pretty sunsets lately, so it’s gonna get reeeeeallllly cold here, now that the *rain* has melted the 14″ of snow we got over the weekend.

    Do enjoy your snow! :o)

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