27 days

Lots and lots of accessories for you today. Something for your knitting and for your spinning. It may be more useful than jewelry but much of it is just as pretty.

One of the neatest accessories I have for you is the Knitzi – if you use DP’s you NEED this.
Isn’t it pretty? It holds your Dp’s and a project. It keeps the DP’s from stabbing anything and it keeps the project on them. I love this thing.

GoosePond I mentioned them before but they deserve another mention for that sheep ruler/needle gauge. Though they also have many many other great products.
Immel Designs has a ton of stuff for your knitting.

Like Body Jewelry for your knitting. You know with a title like that, I had to look, they are really very unique.
These are awesome and very different from all other markers I’ve seen.
Debra’s Garden
Chappy’s Markers on Ebay

Row counters:
Hide and Sheep, Crimson Orchid, and Siclady who also has some skully stitch markers.

Finally – something for your spinning wheel – Orifice hooks:
Scott’s Mountain has ones that are wooden and beaded. Fancy kitty has some pretty wooden ones. But they always have pretty stuff. Who could forget about these Amazing glass hooks. Mountain spring has some simple silver and gold ones. Ball and Skein has some exceptionally pretty ones. I have 2 from Judy and I love them. (Soon I’ll have them in my store too) Then of course, EBAY has some.

What have I been up to? Besides shopping???
Boogie Baby’s shawl is done. I washed it and then forgot it in the sink. So today I’ll go the shop and dig out and block it. Then I’ll find some fancy button (because buttons are her second favorite thing ever). She’s pretty good at holding her blankets over her shoulders but I thought she would like a little hands-free time.

As for Miss 7 on 20’s present.
These things are awful but at least they are fast. 2 hours and I have a sock. It’s super chunky knit tight on 10’s. I have 3 more socks to go.

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11 Responses to 27 days

  1. Bad Hippie says:

    If she loves ’em (and she doesn’t shrink ’em in the washer because of her forgetful ways), then they’re not THAT awful. :)

  2. margaret says:

    I love the way that yarn patterned on the chunky socks. I have a few balls of that same yarn (don’t ask) in my stash. Maybe I’ll try socks with it.

  3. Amy says:

    fast is always good for kids things. They look nice and toasty!

  4. Tonia says:

    Wow I bet they are nice and squishy. I so love fast projects.

    Great links. So much nice stuff.

  5. Lynne E. says:

    What a great knitter’s shopping list! My wallet is now considerably lighter. :-)

  6. kishcrafts says:

    Thanks for featuring me in your blog! You Rock!

  7. Chesley says:

    Love the Knitzi!

    Adding it to my wish list.

  8. Goose Pond is a favorite of mine. And how could I resist the sheep gauge????? I’ve bought several to give as gifts to bloggy friends over the years.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Those Knitzi’s look pretty cool.

  10. Gina House says:

    Love those great socks! And your gift ideas are soo tempting!!

  11. Lucia says:

    That sock is making my hands hurt just looking at it. As you say, at least they go fast.

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