EZ Mitered Mittens

I don’t know if I mentioned I was working on these. I started them last month when I realized Miss 7 going on 20 needed some new ones. I set them aside because I needed her to try them on to see if they were long enough and then I promptly forgot about them until this weekend. The temperature had dropped and she needed something. I finished them over the weekend.
Pattern: Mitered Mittens form Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.
Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Needles: US4
Changes: There weren’t really many changes to the original idea. Though I did have to make changes because of the size. I cast on about 12 less stitches to start with, then every 2nd patterning row I decreased 4 sts for 3 times total. Then I started to increase 4sts every 2nd even row for a total of 3 times. This made the cuff cinch in at the wrist and helped keep me occupied enough to have a long cuff. I like this idea and might do it more on future mittens. It makes them really snug (better than ribbing)

Other than that I followed the pattern as it was written. I even chose to do the thumb as she described by cutting and letting it unravel the right amount. It worked well with this sticky yarn but might not be as good on a slippery yarn. Though I probably wouldn’t be making mittens using a slippery yarn. My girls are tough and are ok with a slightly less soft wool just so long as it looks good.

The owner is happy with them and that’s what really counts

I want a pair of these now. But first I need to make a new winter bonnet for the Boogie Baby.

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9 Responses to EZ Mitered Mittens

  1. Amy says:

    I love those mits! I think those are the first mits I have seen that I might actually like to wear.

  2. The Queen of the Snow Cows says:

    Love the mittens! I always look at the pattern, get out the yarn, then knit something else. Maybe this winter… :)

  3. Sara says:

    Those are fantastic! I’ve never wanted to knit mittens until this year… these are the best I’ve seen!!

  4. margene says:

    EZ mittens are the best!

  5. heather says:

    Love the mitts. I have some nice Patons Soy wool stripes that I have slated for mitts. I may have to try your modifications to make some for my girl.

  6. Arleta says:

    Those are pretty, and with the weather turning cold (ugh) she’ll need them. :)

  7. Lucia says:

    Those are gorgeous! I was reading the Ravelry discussion earlier about yarns people like/dislike and I saw several mentions of Kureyon, but you sure can’t beat the color effects. I’ll have to look those up — although I’ve had double-knit mittens on the brain for a while now, so I might go with that.

  8. Gina House says:

    Oh, Amy, they’re so beautiful! I love the colorway you picked!

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