Ladybug review

Ladybug wheel
made by Schacht Spindle company

Cost $525

Features it comes with:
Ratios on the medium whorls 7:1 & 9:1- Ratios on the fast whorl 10-1/2:1 & 12-1/2:1
Scotch tension or double drive
Has three handles for picking it up and carrying. It really is light and easy to move
ladybug - fronthandle
I found it was easiest to pick up with the front handle.
Uses all the same parts as the Schacht Matchless.
Double treadle
More specifics can be found HERE

Available Options:
Ladybug LazyKate
A lazy Kate – You can get one that integrates right with the ladybug or a tensioned Matchless one.
Slow whorl and High speed whorl

It’s double drive or scotch tension. Though it took some fiddling to get it to be happy as a double drive. It runs as smooth as the Matchless. Which is good. It uses the parts from the Matchless.
I’m not sure you’d NEED both the lady bug AND the Matchless. I can see why you’d WANT both though. I can always justify wanting a new wheel.

There is a tensioner thingy on it. They say it can be used in scotch or double drive mode. If you use a double drive you already know why you need it. In scotch tension they say it’s good to use when you are using the fast whorls or as your band stretches.
I show it there in use in the double drive mode. You can also put both strings into that wheely thing. I just found that it worked better with one in and one out. If you go to my flickr account (click onto the photo) you will see a more detailed close up of this tensioner as well.

I’ve only tried it out with the medium whorl. I’m so used to the big production wheels that I felt this one moved slowly. Well, it was on the medium whorl and the drive wheel isn’t some huge 30 inch thing. These days I use the castle wheels for plying only. I spun some singles on the Hyacinth yesterday so I can ply today.

Like the matchless, if you like to spin bulkies and novelties, this is not the wheel I’d recommend. For occasional bulkies and novelties it’s fine. If the majority of your spinning is bulkies and novelties then another wheel would be better. I’m not talking about how we all start out with funky yarn. I know people that they only like to spin the unusual and interesting novelty style yarns. If Schacht ever comes out with a bulky set then I’ll change my opinon on this.

I have to say overall I like the Ladybug, but not much more than I like the Fricke or the Louet. I think it’s way cuter than either of those and it is lighter/easier to move. The price point is good and it is usable as a double drive. All a plus in my book. I need to spend a little more time with it to see if it’s the right fit for me but I do have recommendations as to who I think it would be good for (and it’s just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth).

1.You want to upgrade – I think it’s a decent upgrade because it’s got the double drive. Though it’s not a huge step up. I think if you have the available funds or the patience then the Matchless is a better option. I like how the Matchless operates a little better in double drive mode.

2. It’s your first wheel – This is an excellent choice. It’s got a good price point and it’s got all the options for you to get a good start in spinning. I believe beginners is what Schacht had in mind when they designed this wheel. They hit ahome run in that category. It may just be the best beginner’s spinning wheel in it’s price range.

3. You want something more portable but not a tiny wheel. For this I might recommend the Fricke folding. I’m going to place this wheel right along side my usual recommendation of the Fricke. The Fricke folds so it’s smaller but the Ladybug has cuteness and it’s double drive.

4. You have an excellent wheel you like to spin singles on but you want something with a larger bobbin to ply. This is a good option for that.

When I find the time I’m going to test it out a little bit more and I’ll let you know anymore opinons I have.

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16 Responses to Ladybug review

  1. Tonia says:

    It is an adorable wheel. I have to say though I am in love with my kromski sonata.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks Amy. I’m considering the Ladybug as my portable wheel. Your review was quite helpful as I was honestly thinking that a Matchless would fit my travelling needs.

  3. Janis says:

    I’d love to see a review of a Fricke. I’m thinking about my first wheel and it seems to have a good price.

  4. Amy says:

    it certainly has that cute factor going for it.

  5. Loopykd says:

    Awesome review, Amy, thanks! Now I am shopping for a Majacraft Rose. What are the differences between these two? Other than price? The Rose has more ratios, right? Is the Rose more versatile?

  6. heather says:

    Great review, Amy! Thanks! A few of the girls at spinning were talking about taking a drive to your shop to try it out — wish I could’ve gone with them. Sigh. Someday!

  7. Chesley says:

    I’m so bummed that I’m not going to make it to the shop today. The ladybug is beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out.

  8. DebbieB says:

    I love the side by side pics. Thanks!

  9. Arleta says:

    I have no idea what most of those things mean, but someday, I’m gettin a wheel! lol

  10. Alison says:

    It certainly does have cute going for it. Hmm, if I could only afford another wheel, but right now I’m saving for a loom. Nothing like fiber addiction is there?

  11. Sara says:

    It’s so darn cute!

    I need to remember to pick your brain for thoughts on a good upgrade wheel for my S10… I love it so much but would really love to also have something more portable and a little more versatile.

  12. Lucia says:

    I lust passionately after a Schacht Reeves, or a Matchless if I can’t have that, or both, if I ever win the lottery. So I think I’ll keep lusting (I already have a Trad and a Babe which I’ll probably sell, and of course Miss B’s Hitchhiker).

  13. Gina House says:

    OH, you’re always teasing me with your spinning goodies. That wheel is just so darn cute!

  14. peanut says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m looking for my first wheel and was considering the ladybug for it price, size and cuteness. It’s nice to hear how it runs too :)

  15. Connie says:


    Did you notice any rattling when you were spinning on the Ladybug? I just received mine a couple of days ago. I love the way it spins – probably the nicest yarn I’ve ever made BUT there is an annoying rattle that seems to come from the bobbin/whorl area. I have tightened the front maiden as much as I can, but there is some room for the bobbin and whorl to move slightly on the flyer shaft (and the manual says that there should be).
    Any suggestions?


  16. Susan B. W. says:

    Hi Connie, you may have already solved your “rattle” problem by now. (I just joined Ravelry and was browsing around when I saw your comment.) This happened to me too. At first, i thought that the whorl was put on the wrong way. Check to see if the front maiden bearing is positioned mid-way in the wooden hole. Just push it into place. If it isn’t, the flyer shaft can’t get all the way into the rear maiden bearing which is the problem I think. Also, I notice a bit of noise when my bobbin gets about half full. Do you enjoy your Ladybug otherwise?

    Susan B.W.

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