Oh, no, it's not new

I was just storing it in the trunk of the car…. while I organized, yeah organized
With the receipt dated today?
Um, geez, she must have put the wrong date. I bought this last year.

In reading the forums and talking to other fiber/yarn ‘ho’s I hear lots of stories about creative hiding. People hide things in the trunk of the car or outside or at other people’s houses until they can get it into their house. I find this fascinating. Well, what I find fascinating are all the ways that people come up with to hide their purchases from a significant other.

So here’s the thing. I have some yarn here and I know you all want it. You won’t have to sneak it in because it’s free. Tell me the best fib/sneaking story you’ve ever told. If you don’t embellish about your purchases, I’ll put you in another drawing for more yarn.

I’m really curious about this. I need to know.

Send all emails to gift(at)spunkyeclectic(dot)com with the subject “YARN SNEAK”
There are 3 ways you can win:
If you sneak – tell me the story – the best story wins 2 skeins of super DK.
The other sneaks will be put in a drawing for one skein of SuperNova
If you don’t sneak – I’ll put you in a drawing to win one skein of Skinny Sock.
The winner will get to chose their own colors. Yes I’ll ship international. So come on! Make with the stories. I want hear them.

I know you want to know my story. I don’t sneak. Husbeast isn’t usually home when I shop for yarn or fiber but he doesn’t mind. He assumes that all packages for me are yarn or fiber of some sort. Just the same as I assume all packages for him are for his hobby. I told him the other day I was thinking of buying another wheel and his response was “of course you are”. Although he doesn’t seem to notice when a new something makes it way into the house. It might mean there is so much here already, who can tell.

Occasionally there is a finished item….


That’s the sweater blocking. I would apologize for the odd angle except that the sweater looks really funky without someone in it. I tried it on the second it was bound off and it’s the exact sweater I had in my head. Hopefully I can show you a good modeled picture soon.

But for now, send me stories.

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31 Responses to Oh, no, it's not new

  1. Anna says:

    I don’t sneak as such, I just don’t inform him of every purchase I make and it’s normally put neatly away in my sewing room (the he only goes into to use the iron) before he gets home from work. If he asked what I bought I’d tell him, afterall he is the one paying for it all, but he sees the fabric stash remaining constant no matter how much I sew and sees the finished knit items so he knows there is yarn and fabric coming into this house!

  2. Most of my sneaking has to do with your packages of roving and/or yarn. It’s harder to hide things when I’m coming from getting the mail, it’s easier to put them in my trunk until I’m alone. SO, what I do is wait until I go and get my horse in the paddock and hide the package either under his blanket or walk beside him with the package pressed up between my hand and his side. Then it hangs out in the tack room until the coast is clear.
    WHEW! That was cathartic! I feel better now after keeping that to myself for so long. Thanks for the session. ; )

  3. Rachel says:

    I don’t in general sneak because I need someone to show my purchases off to and my husband gets the ‘privilege’, except for one instance. A local discount store advertising a large sale on up priced lion brand yarns. (moonlight mohair for 2 or 3 instead of the $10-12 I usually see it for) I had a couple of early issues of Knit.1 and wanted to knit 2 of the skirts that called for Moonlight mohair. (haven’t found a good substitute for it yet) So I and my mom went down the store and I picked out around 15 balls of the stuff plus a couple balls of the ribbon yarn for a top. My mom who doesn’t knit (knows how but doesn’t care to) purchased almost as much as I did. After we got home I was in a hurry to get the kids down for a nap and my bag got left in her car. When my mom dropped off my bag she also dropped hers and said to keep it. So I now have this huge bag of LB ribbon yarn and moonlight mohair. I can’t figure out where to store it since it was more then the planned purchase and would max out my yarn cabinet. Right now it is in the original bag hiding under my ‘office/computer/craft’ table in the living room.

  4. Lucia says:

    I just sent you a link to a yarn-sneak story… only it’s not really a tall tale, just what happens when I try to be too clever. Truth to tell, since Grant pays the bills I can’t really slip much by him, and he’s pretty tolerant. (For proof see story of free Icelandic fleece.)

    Oh, here’s one for you, although it’s not really what you have in mind either: when I started working on the baby sweater for the Knitting Olympics (still not finished!) he asked me where I’d gotten the yarn. “Oh,” I said, “I’ve had this in stash for ages.” Now, this was absolutely, 100 percent true — in the early days of my acquaintance with elann I’d gone totally hog-wild over some Irish wool, bought about 40 skeins of the stuff, still have a bunch of it — but it sounded so improbable that I couldn’t get it out with a straight face.

  5. Weaver says:

    I don’t have to sneak. Brewer is happy to let me buy whatever I want. Heck, he sent me to Boston for a weekend of yarn shopping with my sister in law last December.

    However,my local yarn store owner is now saving all large tampon boxes. She has ladies who have to sneak their yarn into the house and a huge tampon box gets no scrutiny from their husbands.

    It cracks me up when I go in there and behind her desk are ten huge empty boxes. :)

  6. Amy says:

    LOL! What a great LYS owner :D

  7. annaberry says:

    I don’t sneak because I have no one to hide from except myself. Luckily two of my friends that I am around the most have their own undeniable passions (beading/pottery and stamping/scrapbooking) and know I will call foul if they say anything. :)

    By the way, from that angle, the sweater kind of looks like an aerial photograph of a wheat or corn field. Nice work.

  8. Marnie says:

    Well, luckily, I’ve never had to worry about hiding my purchases. Leo really just doesn’t care and probably wouldn’t notice anyway. :)

    I do like the tampon box one, though, that’s great.

  9. TheBon says:

    I don’t sneak, although I’m sure that TheBoy has no idea what all I have anyway so that I could probably sneak right under his nose.

  10. I normally don’t sneak, I am the breadwinner in the house and my expenses are mine to deal with. However I recently started a yarn diet and figured the best way to keep a promise to myself would be to share it with my bf so he could keep me strong. The sneaking that ensued was only on one occasion, but I emailed you the story. Hope you like it.

  11. nikkiana says:

    My husband is oddly pro-fiber for being a non-knitter (I think it’s because he’s going to become a dyer and spinner when I can find someone to teach him to spin… I’ve tried and it’s impossible, mostly because I’m his wife and he likes to argue with me ;)) so I don’t really have to worry that much about hiding yarn and fiber purchases from him… He will get after me if he sees me ordering something though… Which probably has had the unfortunate side effect of me buying more expensive things because indie dyers/spinners tend to use PayPal and by using PayPal, it means I don’t have to get my credit card to order, I just click click and it’s done and he never sees I’ve done it until it shows up on our doorstep.

  12. Michelle says:

    I don’t sneak. We both spend on hobbies, but we both run large purchases by one another. We’re generally responsible with money. But I’d be *livid* if he spent tons of money without saying anything to me about it, and I don’t do that to him– just mutual respect in my book.

    Thankfully, with our marriage, I’m never really asking *permission*– more like, “I’m thinking of buying some more yarn for a project. You cool with me spending that this month?” And generally the response is something like, “Sure. You use it and it makes you happy, and we can afford it. Why not?” But when he wants to blow money on things, he asks the same question :)

  13. michelle says:

    I used to not sneak, would even gallantly show the hubby my newest acquisitions. Make him touch and feel and all that stuff. He was under the impression that yarn was cheap and I never really corrected him of that thought. When I started to spin he thought I was being even more thrifty because now I was going to save even more money by making my own yarn. Again I never really corrected him of that thought. That was all prior to him stepping foot into one of our LYS to buy me a birthday gift. Oh my goodness he saw the light.

    That year at Rhinebeck not only did I have to sneak all my purchases (stealth mode while he was sleeping)into the house – I had to sneak them all back out again the next day to bring to the “show us what you got at Rhinebeck” party my knitting group was having the next day (again stealth mode while he was sleeping). Thankfully he sleeps a lot :), and I should have just left the darn stuff in the car overnight. We have always kept our own extra spending money separate so this was my only real sneak, and that was only because it was so shortly after his enlightenment.

    A tampon box, who would of thought :)

  14. Gina House says:

    Oh, I’ll have to really think about my sneaking stories. I know I have at least two in my brain.

    I love the color of the blocking sweater. Such a great pattern. Can’t wait to see it ALL!

  15. Faith says:

    My husband and I give ourselves an equal allowance so that there’s no need to sneak anything…which means that I’m fresh out of stories. Oh well! I’ll just enjoy reading everyone elses.

  16. Mary says:

    Wow, I would love to read the sneaking stories…

    When I was married (past tense), I never snuck anything to do with hobbies/crafts…we were cool with that. I /did/ have to sneak anything I bought for my classroom/teaching. He would get irate if I spent anything on my then career (also in the past tense). Happily, teachers always get “presents” from kids, so everything I had that I could get away with was “given” or a hand-me-down from another teacher.

    As this isn’t a yarn-sneak story, I didn’t email it in, but I thought I’d share.

    And added to that, do we email you that we don’t sneak? I’m such a rule follower but bad at directions…

  17. Chante says:

    I don’t sneak because my signifigant other has his own hobby that he spends a pretty penny on. We do discuss big purchases though which his response is usually something like “Why do you need ANOTHER wheel, don’t you have 2 already?” I have a whole powerpoint presentation on various spinning wheels and their specific uses if anyone needs it :-)

  18. Loopykd says:

    Don’t sneak. Don’t need to. My husband has his own hobby that is much worse than mine. Every time a package comes for me, I say, Guess what this is? He says, yarn! What are you gonna do? He has 18 motorcycles in the garage. Who’s got the bigger problem?

  19. Nikki says:

    Since it’s just me and the cats, I don’t sneak.

    However, I learned not to show my Dad everything I’ve bought/spun in the past 4 months to him all at once when he comes to visit from halfway across the country though. He goes straight into “Dad” Mode. You’re not going into debt over this are you? Are your bills getting paid?

    He’s such a good dad…

  20. Suzanne deSalme says:

    I don’t really sneak, either, but I’m going to have to figure out a way. Why? Because I LOVE your yarn. The colors are so beautiful. I finished an Einstein for my son in purples, now I am working on a shawl for myself, and my other son will get an Einstein in smoky charcoal colors. Thank you for a really fine yarn and a wonderful blog, too!

    Suzanne in Ohio

  21. Diana C. says:

    And here I thought I’d be one of the few ‘non-sneakers!’

    DH has no problem with my yarn purchases, though he is bemused at how I keep getting more when I already have so much. He figures that I know how much I can afford, so why not? He’s even okay with going into yarn stores, as long as it’s not with me (takes too long).

  22. bookgrump says:

    I don’t necessarily sneak, per se. I just buy and don’t tell him about it. Then I try like heck to keep my hubby from looking under the couch (even if it means that I have to vacuum, which I hate). If he were to look under the couch, he’d find double-sealed bags with something like 40 skeins of sock yarn. *blush*

  23. Erin says:

    I don’t “sneak” but I don’t offer details either.
    I do run up to my craft room and put purchases away if I get home and hubby isn’t there. I figure the less he sees, the better. Once or twice when I come home from a warehouse sale (I’ve been lucky to find a few) with large garbage bags full of yarn I do get “the look”. I usually mutter that it was a “deal of a lifetime” and it usually ends there. Thank god he doesn’t ask a lot of questions!

  24. Shayla (HeavenlyHuggers on Ravelry) says:

    I don’t sneak either! As a matter of fact we tell each other about our purchases for our hobbies! :) It is nice not to have to hide it. :)

  25. Tasha says:

    I used to sneak. It was absurdly easy because I could head out with the kids while hubby was at work. Then I could hide the booty in the closet.

    Those days are over now. My 3.5 yo daughter is a spy. Her daddy will ask about her day. She’ll pipe up “Mommy bought yarn” or “we went to the yarn store.”

  26. Liz G. says:

    I have a wonderful friend who just “gives” me yarn every time we go shopping. It’s amazing the amount of yarn that we “Give” to each other.

    My husband thinks she’s so nice to me…but can’t figure out why, since she likes the yarny stuff, too.

    I just tell him that she has good taste – and wants to spread the wealth.

  27. Kim says:

    I belong to a couple of soap-supply swapping sites, so it’s a natural extension to “I swapped for this – I sent them some of my old wool yarn, and they sent me this wonderful alpaca yarn.” That works for eBay purchases… For actual LYS or online buys, I just have to hope that I get home before he does. If I don’t, whatever I buy is for a making a Christmas present. I used to have a deal with DH that I could buy a skein of yarn for every 6-pack that he buys. Unfortunately, our budget can’t afford a 6-pack *and* a skein of yarn every day, so I had to stop that practice. :-(

  28. YTT says:

    I don’t sneak either. My husband has an inordinate love of my fiber addiction, in part because it’s relatively new and seems completely uncharacteristic of me, and in part because he loves all the gadgets that are involved. He surprised me last year with a swift and ball winder for my birthday, and this year with a spinning wheel – I hadn’t asked for either, and I had never spun before. So I figure that getting hooked on spinning and bringing large quantities of roving into the house is the least I can do to show him how much I appreciate his thoughtful gift. :-)

    The funny thing is that HE sneaks. One day last year he came out with the fact that he’d bought a new laptop and been hiding it from me. I was incredulous, since a. we’re a two-equal-income family and are each pretty much responsible for our own purchases and b. he needed the laptop for work. It seemed so archaic for him to feel that I might object!

  29. Danielle says:

    I dont sneak, my Hubby loves yarn and yarn crafts as much as I do!! However with my ex husband it was “My mom bought this for me” which he usually believed, unless of course he got the cc bill b4 i did (which was rare if i had purchased something that month, :-) )My ex was bad about spending money on his hobby which was more expensive per item than most luxury yarns and getting upset with me if i spent more than a couple of dollars on myself.

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