Unpacked Update

I updated most of the yarns and fibers. There are a few more to go and I’ve been dyeing up a storm. There will be another update before the end of the month. I promise.

Fingering weight yarns

Sport weight yarns

And of course, lots of fiber

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9 Responses to Unpacked Update

  1. Suzie says:

    Amy honey, you are cruel.

    Making me wade through all the pretty yarns just to find out what the name of the fall beauty pictured is…….

  2. Tonia says:

    Yummmmmmmm fiber….. *drooling down chin*

  3. Amy says:

    Squirming with desire!

  4. Roo says:

    One of these days I AM going to get atomic melon. (And I’m PMP over “Soylent”- is that new? or did I just miss that?)

  5. PuppyMomma says:

    No money. No money. No money. I have no money. Must convince myself….No money. No money. No money…..

  6. aija says:

    nice! i just placed an order but saw that the website’s qty # available didn’t change after i checked out of paypal; is the site’s qty checker real time? (worried i’ll miss out.)

  7. Lucia says:

    I just ordered some more atomic melon for Miss B, and something else for me, of course.

  8. Arleta says:

    Going to check those fibers out right now!! I am absolutely addicted to spinning, and your fibery goodness rocks my world. Hehe

  9. meera says:

    i LURRRRRRVE that color up there. i’m pretty sure that’s what i scooped up–Dora in dk. such a gorgeous Spunky color, yet again. and it’s already here in my hot hands. i have been admiring this luscious color all afternoon. beautiful. many thanks.

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