Not me, the recipe I have for you today.

I’ve embraced the use of the dehydrator. I want crackers and chips but I’ve been looking for more healthy alternatives to the conventional fried chips or gluten laden crackers. Jennifer brought in some crackers that she gave me a couple of appointments ago and they were amazing. I haven’t been able to get mine as thick as hers but what I’m making is satisfying the chip craving.

Left to right: Zucchini/onion, Spicy Salsa, Veggie Medley

Zucchini Onion has Zucchini, Braggs and Onions.
Spicy Salsa is my Salsa recipe from the other day. I used it before canning so it still qualifies as “raw food”
Both of those I just whizzed up in the blender (you may need to add water if it’s too thick for the blender to go). I added flax seeds and whizzed it up again. Then using a spatula I spread out a thin layer on teflex sheets and put it in the dehydrator.
Veggie Medley is one of done several times. This particular one has Zucchini, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, and Onions. You can really add in any vegetable, carrots, garlic, corn, etc. The process for making this was the same as the others, except that after I spread them out on the sheets, I sprinkled black sesame seeds on them.

They were all put into the dehydrator at 115 for 6-10 hours. When I do a small batch it takes less time. What I do is I check it at the 6 hour mark and if I can peel it off the sheets safely, I do that and put them on the screens without the teflex, it makes them dry faster and you want them to continue to dry until they’re crisp. Then I put them in containers and store them in the fridge. They stay crisper in the fridge. My Uncle gave my Mom a bag sealer doodad so I plan to make some ahead and store it. But really this is a project that can easily be done in the morning, then set up the dehydrator to work away while you are away at work.

Don’t have a dehydrator? I googled and found this Homemade Dehydrator. I can’t guarantee how well it works. Experiments are always fun though.

Just so there isn’t anything fiber related here. I picked up the first few Merlin Tree spindles. I have just a tease though. I’m offering them to blog audience first. There are only 3.
Left to Right – Merlin Tree Tree, Snowflake with Purpleheart band(sold), Snowflake with brown wood band(he dropped them off and I didn’t get to talk to him about them to get the wood types). I hope I’ll have more soon but I don’t know when that will be. Dave explained that he’s been busy with work and not in the wood shop as often.

Side views of the snowflakes:
Side view of the tree:
And he has those grooves on the bottom of the shaft like Golding:
Which was one of my most favorite things about the Golding spindles.

So if you want one, let me know (first come first gets). If not, I’ll list them on the site soon.
*edit* I should have mentioned. They’re $38 each plus shipping.

Oh, and did you notice the fiber it was sitting on. That was my only purchase. Some fun wool from Pippikneesocks. I hear she’s going to update soon.

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15 Responses to Dehydrated

  1. Arleta says:

    Mmm those sound good. I’ll have to share the idea with my friend. She has a dehydrator.

    Those spindles are gorgeous! Hopefully I’ll get some birthday $ soon, then I’ll come buy more fiber!!

  2. Manise says:

    I’ll take a spindle- with the Purpleheart band. Not a blogger, but a commenter. I spun on one at Cummington and fell in love with these spindles. They spin like a dream. I’m sorry I missed you all this weekend.

  3. Amy says:

    Those spindles are gorgeous! I think I will have to wait for the next shipment, I just bought some Harmony needles with the last of my fun money.

  4. Lauren says:

    I love the Merlin Tree, what’s the damage for the lovely thing?

  5. wendy says:

    Holy cricket!

    Those spindles are soooooo pretty and tempting, really tempting!

    Thanks for the recipe…what a great idea.

    If you feel comfortable using a microwave on your food you might want to try this recipe too

    I really like her Lara-like bar recipe

  6. Barbara says:

    I just got some of your big F*#&ing L? in Canyon today. What a riot I’ve been laughing all day. I just finished my Chocolate Cherries and wound it up now I’m going to attmept the scolf. Thanks!! You are my idol. One day I will get down there and meet you hopefully and get a wheel:-)

  7. Mary-Kay says:

    Oooo ooooo ooooo, can I have the Merlin Tree? If it’s not gone, can I have it, can I have it???? Can you send me a Paypal invoice?

  8. loribird says:

    Well, I sent you emails about the Tree spindle cause I couldn’t get through to your comments section earlier, but it looks like that’s already been spoken for. What about that last snowflake spindle?

  9. Annalea says:

    Oh, what pretty spindles! Just so the enabling is evenly distributed, have you seen these?

    Have a good one!

  10. Maryellen says:

    The spindles are just beautiful. I don’t even like to spin on a spindle. In fact I hate it. But when your restocked I may have to have one. I’ve decided not to can. Instead we’re going to freeze. Botulism just seemed to scary. Until next time…

  11. Dave Daniels says:

    Is the snowflake with walnut taken? (You can invoice me if it’s not.)
    And how about something with avocado and peppers in the dehydrator? Now I’m really hungry…

  12. naomi says:

    Those chips look great. (I’m really looking forward to getting this year’s batch of apple chips from my dad once the Northern Spies are ripe.)

  13. How fabulous!!! I did a lot of dehydrating over the summer and have rediscovered my love of all things wrinkly. I never thought of trying crackers, though. What a great idea. I’m doing a batch of raisins this weekend so maybe I’ll have to try a little something on the roll-up ring just to see how it goes…

  14. Terri Lynn says:

    I have been taken to your site twice now in 24 hours by Ravelry and now! I love your “Boxed” and keep coveting the new spindles here! Although I haven’t learned to spin, these spindles are quite inticing me to order and learn!

  15. Terri Lynn says:

    Oh, yeah! I love your blog! I love all you have going on here!!!!

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