Tour de Fleece

The tour is on!
Yeah, I know, it’s been on for a few days now. Not that I’ve watched a single minute of the real tour. Nor do I have any idea who is in the lead. I really joined up for the spinning challenge.

My challenge these days is to find the time. I’m working entirely on the Fleece to FI. Actually I’m still working on Cosmo. I washed Dafka (the blackish one) but I haven’t carded her. I have a new piece of equipment coming and I’m really procrastinating on any more processing until it gets here. Which is hopefully any day now… I know, who am I kidding. It won’t be here until August at the earliest. I must be really really hopeful to think it could be here a month early.

With my challenge to find the time to spin, I’ve been getting in about an hour each night to spin. I finished plying the first skein of the new weight (I had finished a skein of worsted but then changed my mind and wanted fingering weight).
And the ever popular quarter shot:

I meant to quit work early yesterday to spin and I ended up working on the shop update. Hopefully I’ll have it ready for tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Tour de Fleece

  1. LaBean says:

    ‘quarter shot’ *giggle*

    I was gonna join the Tour but I KNOW I couldn’t be sure to spin every day of the tour.. and then I’d cheat and spin on the rest days. Not with all these knits I have going..

    Do you find it frustrating, having changed your mind about the weight of a yarn mid-project? That’s one thing that often holds me back from spinning: what if I want to change the weight? Then I won’t have enough for anything larger than a scarf if I go from fingering to say, worsted with only like, 8 oz of fiber! And all while trying to work on my consistency. I love to spin, but I need to work on my project stamina.

    I love the dark grey color!

  2. Amy says:

    It looks fantastic! That is going to be a great sweater

  3. nishanna says:

    I joined tour de fleece for the spinning also. The closest i got to watching the tour de france was in the movie Amélie. But i bet if i watched a little of it, i’d enjoy it.

  4. Tonia says:

    The spinning looks great. I need to do some progress shots as well.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Very pretty! Oh yeah, progress shots. Must take those, of course a few bobbins of singles isn’t that exciting.

  6. Sara says:

    Holy wow… the spinning is gorgeous!

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