Something smells like a flock of sheep in here.
Now the car doesn’t smell so sheepy but the garage does. And I know you want to see why.

I picked up the last 2 fleeces that I needed for my Coopworth fair isle, Alice and Honeydew:

Then of course I stopped at the Fiber Frolic Fleece Barn…
I was all business with the fleece barn. The fleeces I picked up there are slated to be made into batts for the shop. Not that you will see the same potential (I see all these in multicolors not just grey, white or black) that I do in each and every fleece, but I’m looking forward to making some fantastic batts.

First I saw the Millers fleeces. Anyone that has ever asked for a recommendation on buying a fleece at the Frolic FIber Barn will know that I’ve said to look for the Millers. If you want Coopworth I suggest Ruit Farm North or Hatchtown but the Millers have Moorits, Merinos, Romneys, Border Leicesters, and I’m sure more that I’m forgetting. I managed to find 3 of theirs’ that I like.
^White Merino (those tips will clean up ok)
^Merino – Black Cherry is her name.
If you click on the photos and then go to see them full size, you’ll see what I mean by look for the Miller fleeces. They have quite the write up about each one of their fleeces. You can tell they put some time into this making it easy for new comers to the barn to pick a decent fleece.

Then I went chose some from famrs that I hadn’t purchased fleeces from before. They looked really clean, super soft and with such nice staple lengths, I had no choice.
^Liz Grover provided this lovely Romney
^Arch Tower Farm had this incredibly soft Romney with an intense staple length. It’s at least 7 inches long.
^And finally a lovely silver Romney from Arch Tower Farm

I can’t imagine what I would have found, had I made it to the fleece sale on Saturday. Still, I am walking on air at the thought of processing all these fleeces. If tomorrow is nice I’m going to start going through them and washing them up. Carding is going to wait for a new toy. With my sprained wrist and all the carding I did before the Frolic, I’m done carding by hand for a couple of weeks. If I can stand waiting that long. I’m itching to start on Dafka and some of the new blends for the shop.

Fiber Frolic didn’t end there though. Are you tired yet?

I picked up my Hitch Hikers.
That’s right. I’m carrying the Hitch Hiker wheels from Merlin Tree. I’ll be listing them on the site soon. I’ve also pre-ordered spindles from Dave. As soon as he has them in production, I’ll be listing them on the site. I gave Dave the pieces to the Jensen that needed to be fixed (I think he’s sick of seeing me). I’m sad to not have Jensen to spin on….

But not too sad…
I moved the poor flyerless Jensen to the studio and this Norwegian has taken his place. Yeah, I know… Like a hole in the head. I’ll show you some features another day. There were things about it that made me HAVE to have it.

Oh yeah, I bought some Llama from West Mountain Farm. Again it’s for the batts I’ll be producing. I’m going to go to the local Alpaca farms and picking up a few fleeces for more of the batts. I already have angora…. Yeah, there are big plans. And while we’re on the subject of batts, you should know there are a few left.
I ended up with 5 baskets of batts. Crazy crazy amount. As soon as I can, I’ll be re-stocking the store front.

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20 Responses to Sniff…Whiff…

  1. Sara says:

    I can’t wait to spin the batts I bought from you… especially the sparkly one! Thanks Amy!

  2. Gina House says:

    OMGoodness! So much fiber! It must smell awfully “sheepy” in there..whew! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. And I LOVE, LOVE West Mountain Farm….their llama is to die for. Can’t wait to spin mine up. I cannot wait to see the batts you make!!!!

  3. heather says:

    i want batts!

    also, 7 inches–that’s what she said!


  4. Manise says:

    Let me know what batts you have left please! Gorgeous fleeces. And the Norwegian wheel? Wow! You lucky duck!

  5. Heather says:

    That wheel was incredible. I am sooo envious. The best part of my day was getting to see you! And that is saying a LOT ’cause it was a pretty darn awesome day. I was eyeing a bunch of the merino fleeces myself but I somewhat behaved. Somewhat. ;)
    love ya!

  6. Karen says:

    That wheel is gorgeous! And wow is all I have to say about all those fleeces!

  7. Julie says:

    Looks like you had a very good weekend! You’ve got enough to keep you busy for a little while, no?

  8. Roo says:

    OMG. I am coveting that black cherry… Some day I’ll have some way to actually process a fleece. I just have to try it at least once.

  9. Amy says:

    I second that Black Cherry coveting. Man, up until today I said I would never be interested in processing a fleece, but those fleeces look so tempting!

  10. Beth S. says:

    I didn’t realize that you also actually *process* all (?) the fiber that you dye. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

    The Norwegian wheel is a beauty! :-)

  11. Lucia says:

    I ended up buying Miss B a Hitchhiker from Dave (she has to share it with me, of course). She has already spun up *and knit up* most of the roving she bought from you (4 oz pink and green merino). It’s amazingly soft and beautiful, and she’s so happy. Now I know why the Tina 2 was not meant to be.

    (Do I still covet your Norwegian wheel? Yesssss…)

  12. Nan says:

    think of all the money you could save if the girls had lambs

  13. Rebekah says:

    I was wondering what the fragrance woffing in from the East was all about!

    One of these days I’m going to find the courage to process my own fleece. Although I think I may have problems with ABner rolling in it.

  14. Tanya says:

    Must. Resist. More. Fleece.

  15. Marnie says:

    Wow, look at all those lovely fleeces. Now that I know how to card they look all the more appealing (though decidedly overwhelming) to me.
    It was sooooooo great to finally meet you and I’ve been spinning one of your batts on my new golding. I’m smitten. My mom is going to use the batt she bought from you for felting.

  16. Brenda says:

    Wow! Looks like the frolic was good to you. Sorry I missed it.

  17. marta says:

    I’ve been going through stash, cataloging and “pre” packing (as the realtor says – snort!). I thought I had a lot of fleeces! I’m sure you’ll spin yours up faster than I will though. I’ve been asking around – how do you get your fleeces clean? I just can’t seem to get that last bit out and my tips are never as clean as they should be….that sounds a little funny but you know what I mean. Do you have a method for scouring your fleeces?

  18. catie long says:

    I am loving your blog. Adding you to my roll now. I spin, knit, do fleece (just started), AND homeschool. I want to dye my own roving soon, but need to get the equipment and a carder. *sigh* I really do need to educate my kids…….

    Good to meet you, catie

  19. Dana says:

    I love the fleeces they are sooooo pretty

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