Wo' is me.

I finished spinning the Merino Tencel. I started to knit a head scarf with it too.

I’m ripping it out.

I knew this would come back and bite me in the butt. I sat down to spin the Merino tencel in a 2 ply fingering weight. Then after a few minutes I decided I wanted to do it as singles. I got interupted. I sat back down spinning a 2ply fingering weight. Woops,  we’re doing a fingering single, right. And so it went over a 2 day span of spinning. I haven’t had enough uninterupted spinning  nor available memory it seems. Thus I have a thick and thin Merino Tencel single.

I’m so in love with the feel of it, the color, and the shine that I didn’t care. I was going to make a Gina headscarf and the uneven size be damned. Go ahead and click on Headscarf – you’ll see what it’s supposed to look like. Then you can click on my picture above and see what lack of timem memory and indecision will do for you.

That’s right. Squat. It does nothing to help you make a pretty head scarf.

After the show this weekend I’ll try to come up with something that won’t look hideous with this yarn. Or maybe I’ll set it aside and make Gina’s scarf in the yarn it’s supposed to be made in. And this is where I’m leaving you until Tuesday of next week. Today I’ve been stricken with hat feels like the stomache flu. I’m hoping it’s gone or the 4.5 hour drive to cummington will not be a fun one.

If you’re in Western Massachusetts this weekend, stop by the show and say hi to Husbeast and I. Hopefully we’ll have a well stocked and happy booth of color. And hopefully I’ll be standing upright instead of napping under a table.

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14 Responses to Wo' is me.

  1. Wendy says:

    Sorry you’re not feeling well! Try to take it easy and sell lots of stuff!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Manise says:

    See you Saturday! Hope you feel better soon- maybe just a 24 hour bug. Push those fluids and don’t get dehydrated!

  4. Annalea says:

    I hate it when I get sick . . . it’s totally the pits for moms (especially those with their own businesses).

    Would Knit & Tonic’s Dream Swatch head wrap be a good candidate for the thick & thin? I’ve had a hard time using thick & thin yarn (that’s why I’m giving a handspun skein of it away on my blog in a contest–haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it). The sheen and colors of the merino tencel are so very, very pretty. Hmmm . . . could you just untwist it and spin it again?

    Take care . . .

  5. Faith says:

    I hope you start feeling better!

    Certainly that scarf would look better blocked out. Perhaps you’re being too hard on yourself (and your yarn?) But, of course, if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

    Wish I could be at the fiber fest!

  6. Julie says:

    Oh, I really hope you feel better real soon!

  7. Zonda says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Good luck this weekend!

  8. Arleta says:

    Have a great time! The colors are great. Darn ripping!!

  9. Donna says:

    Sorry you’re feeling so lousy. The timing really stinks too! I hear the bug is going around. But the good news is that it seems to go as quickly as it comes.

    Have a safe trip to Cummington and I’ll stop by to see you and your colorful booth!

  10. Lora says:

    Amy, sorry you’re not feeling well!! Don’t give up on the yarn or the headband. Once you finish you’ll be happy I’m sure! I’ve made both of Gina’s headbands and love them both!!!
    get better!!

  11. Gina House says:

    Wow, that handspun came out fantastic!!!! I love the shine. I’m sure whatever yarn you make my pattern in will be perfect. Can’t wait to see it on you!

  12. LaBean says:

    Good luck with the show. I’d have loved to come by but not able to get up there. You’ll no doubt find something spectacular to make from the merino tencel. It’s lovely!!

  13. Tonia says:

    I hope that you are feeling better and that the show goes well for you.

  14. Tonia says:

    Hope that you are feeling better and that the show goes well for you.

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