I emailed the farm that I got Cosmo from last week. I’m so in love with the processing of this fleece that I had to order more.
I know.
I know.
I have 2 others that I need to process. One is from the same farm as Cosmo and I’m so looking forward to processing it that I knew I had to have more. You read that right. I was looking forward to processing the fleece.

The farm is Ruit Farm North here in Maine. I’ve emailed her about other fleeces and found out that Cosmo’s 2006 fleece is still available. He was entered into the fleece show at Common Ground last year and he got great remarks but came short of winning. I don’t know why he didn’t win, he has a gorgeous fleece. At least from what I can tell. I’m not getting this fleece as I already have some Cosmo – email or call her if you want him. Or rather, if you want his fleece. I don’t think Nina will be giving up Cosmo himself.

This is what I’m doing with Cosmo from 2005.This is what the fleece looks like in the bag (in case you forgot):

All I’ve been doing is washing it. 2 tubs of soapy water and 2 of clean.
Here it is after a couple of trips through the carder:
Surprise! He’s not that brown or dark. Cosmo is a gorgeous grey. He had a good amount of dirt in him but a low lanolin content and very little VM. I would dare say this fleece has no VM. I’ve found the same amount of VM when I use a skein a of Noro Kureyon.

Here are the singles on the bobbin:
I’m hoping to get another 3 ounces spun and ply it up soon. I know, I’m not waiting til the end of the project. I want to ply now. I want to have yarn to sit in my basket as I work on the rest of it.

The receipt said I have 2 lbs. Which is just enough for a sweater. Although with the new fleeces I’m getting and Dafka (the one I have from last year). I’m thinking I might do a color work sweater with it all. We’ll see how much yarn I get from Cosmo and if I can wait long enough to get all 4 colors spun.

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8 Responses to Cosmo

  1. Heather says:

    mmmm…beautiful. I am now yearning even more to dig into my lambswool. *sigh* Gotaa save up for that drum carder, tho — 4lbs on cards? I don’t think so.

  2. katrin says:

    amazing… from brown to grey, from fleece to wool…
    i always wonder *how* this is done, and i really admire the patience that you need for doing it.

  3. Joni says:

    I never imagined that a fleece would go so dramatically from brown to grey. It’s lovely though!

  4. LaBean says:

    Aww hell, you work hard, you buy what you wanna!

    Cosmo surprised me. I’m looking at it, going OOOOH Hershey’s! Wrong. more like gun metal. Not that it’s ugly. He looks great! but that’s a lot of DIRT! I love his crimp.. No I don’t need more I don’t need more fleece…

  5. Gina House says:

    Oh, Amy, I can’t believe how the color changed…carders are awesome. I want one someday. The fiber looks so fluffy and wonderful. Will you be making an Aran sweater type with cables and stuff or one of your own design?

  6. Weaver says:

    I totally want to sleep with some of that fluffy carded beautiful stuff!!! Wow!

  7. Amy says:

    The bobbin shot is GORGEOUS!! I adore that shade of grey. It will make a beautiful sweater

  8. kate says:

    And I was so in love with that chocolate color. You have inspired me to continue to process my white Romney (hie name is Pinhead – I always think of Zippy the Pinhead). Unfortunately, I haven’t quite got the hang of the washer with the fleece and felted all the locks I opened up and combed the caked on dirt and pooped out of yesterday. Back to the drawing board.

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