I had to use all capitals in the titel because it really is huge!

There is a ton of new Fiber

More Mohair and Lace

New colorways in Skinny Socks

More new SuperNova and Beefy socks.

I also have lots of new equipment in New Louet Wheels and all kinds of accessories

But don’t forget I have a full stock of Fricke, Baynes, and Schacht too.

And for the upcoming Fiber Show season (You know you want to process some fleece) I have fiber prep in stock. Drum cards, hand cards and combs.

Tomorrow it willbe back to play and I’ll show you what I’m doing with Cosmo.

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5 Responses to HUGE UPDATE

  1. Amy says:

    AW MAN! New fiber and me without any allowance money :(

  2. Joni says:

    Very sneaky, you, getting your update done in the morning! lol I wasn’t quite expecting it. ;)

  3. A very bright spot in an otherwise cold and dreary day! That’s some pretty fiber you got there…

  4. Gina House says:

    EEEEEeeeeek! MUST-GO-LOOK!

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