April Fools

Last week was so crazy I didn’t have time to cook and prepare the recipe I wanted to make for you. I want it to go on record that it’s not all my fault. The only grocery stores I went to last week were 2 Health Food stores and they didn’t have the ingredients. What type of a health food store doesn’t have Silken tofu? The stores that I went to, that’s what kind.

I’m not going to completely leave you without a recipe. I’m sending you over to Concate Knits so you can get her G’pa’s Crab Enchilada recipe. It sounds really good. I still eat seafood but I’ll be changing the dairy out for soy based options. Those enchiladas will be on our menu for one day this week. Thank you for the recipe lady!

Still, in all that craziness (and I’m sure this added to it) I had an update.
Yesterday I updated the website with sale items for the April Fool. My email service sent out the notification this morning instead of yesterday morning so I’ll extend the sale until April 3rd. Really if I had known it would be that late, I wouldn’t have busted my butt to get done in time for April Fools.

Here we go with all the goodies:

Get 1lb of free fiber with a new wheel

The Baynes Colonial Upright wheels are the newest items to be added. The Oak Victoria wheels will be here tomorrow

Get 4 ounces of free fiber with the purchase of a spindle

There is new stock in Kundert and in Jenkins Turkish Spindles

I have a brand new yarn called “Super Nova”. It’s amazing if I do say so myself. It has a 10% nylon content. I’ve had it mill spun specifically to my specifications. This is my perfect yarn and I hope you like it too. I’ve got it on sale right now at an introductiory price of $20 (1 skein makes 1 pair)

Other new items (not on sale):
I am proud to announce that I’m carrying Susan Lawrence’s Forest Canopy Shawl in kits

I have 6 new colors in the Almost solid series!

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13 Responses to April Fools

  1. pippi says:

    Dang lady!
    You have been BUSY!!! Everything looks so pretty!

    ANd effin’ a, those email services.. I guess it was their ider of an April Fool… *grumble*


  2. PuppyMomma says:

    Thank you. I’ll take one of everything please.

  3. Manise says:

    I never got my notification- maybe later in the day. Great new stuff!

  4. Susan says:

    Woo hoo! I jumped on that one as soon as I saw it. Those colors are lovely and the yarn sounds just delicious.

    Speaking of delicious, I bought all the stuff I needed to make last week’s recipe. I’d hoped to make it this weekend, but I did so much cooking for the rest of the family that I didn’t have time for myself. However, it occurred to me that I could make that pasta salad and bring it to work for lunch, which is better than take out. For one thing, it’s healthier. For another, it saves me from having to juggle my lunch time to accommodate other people, as we’re short staffed this week. So, you’re a lifesaver!

  5. Gina House says:

    Whoa! I’m dying here….what do I buy first???? Everything is awesome….wow….you were busy!

  6. Marnie says:

    *Sob!* You are breaking my will. If this is your idea of a prank, well, I don’t think you quite grasp the concept, but I’m not going to complain.

  7. Charlotte Endicott says:

    I read your post about giving up coffee. I wanted to offer a tip that might work for you…a couple of years ago, I switched to cold water extract coffee because of a similar problem. Cold water extract coffee, or toddy coffee, is made by soaking a pound of ground beans in cold water for 12 hours in a special filter container. Then you drain the extract out through the filter and what you get is coffee without hardly any acid in it, (apparently hot water is what extracts most of the acid in coffee). Then to make the coffee, you put a small amount in a cup and fill it with hot water; or fill it with cold water and microwave alternatively. Then store the extract in the fridge.

    I’m so sensitive to acid in coffee that even after switching to this, I can still only have one cup a day but there are mornings I’m sooo grateful for that one cup! If you use the lower acid coffee beans many people mentioned, it will make the coffee even less acidic. But even with regular beans, there is less than half the acid in cold water extract.

    My ex-in-laws used to drink this and I remember when I was younger thinking it was weird. Several years later when I remembered it, I was so glad I’d seen them make it! I highly recommend it. It’s a pretty low investment, (I think you can get the complete system which includes the filter container, filter, plug and carafe to drain it in for somewhere about $35). Then you just have to buy replacement filters for it, which I do about every couple of months or so, and they’re like $3.50 for a package of 2. Anyway, here’s what I found on a website that explains it:
    “In 1964, as a chemical engineering graduate of Cornell, Todd Simpson developed and patented a cold brew system that, using regular coffee beans, creates a superior-tasting cup of steaming HOT coffee. And, with 67% LESS ACID than coffee made by conventional hot brew methods, it’s easier on sensitive stomachs.”
    Just look up “toddy coffee maker” in google and you’ll find it. I hope it helps and good luck. You sound like you have a pretty busy life and a cup of coffee now and then, without the accompanying pain, would probably be a blessing!

    PS…I love your vest in the current issue of knitty, which is how I found your website. AND that cozy idea is great! I’m going to make one for my mom. Thanks!

  8. Sara says:

    *must not give in to urge to buy new wheel*

  9. Norma says:

    You sure do have good taste, lady. You have such a wonderful selection of offerings!

    Just read with great interest Charlotte’s comment about cold extract coffee. I might even look into that!

  10. Amy says:

    I didn’t get an email about the sale either, but I did just get a gift certificate! Happy Birthday to me :D I know just what I want too

  11. Arleta says:

    Nice colors!

    Love the tea pot cozy you recreated, too.

  12. Darnit- am I not on your mailing list??

    Why am I so poor? WHY? (sob.)

  13. Julia says:

    I love the new colors. I need to get back to spinning and those are excellent inspiration.

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