I finished this:
Yes, this is all you can see of it. Check back in the fall.

So I started this:
This is the sample sweater for the Big Ball yarn in worsted weight. It will also be a sweater for my Mom because she’s awesome and deserves one.

Then I finished this:
River Rapid socks (free pattern from The Sock Bug)
I have no idea what the yarn is, it’s some commercial yarn and that’s all I know. It was old and languishing in my stash. Well, the yarn languished for a while then the sock did. I sure hope the giftee will like them.

So I started this:
“Cherry Slush” from Union Center Knits. I’m going to make RPM socks to get going with the Run Lola Run knit along.

I’m updating the shop later today. I’m going to try and have it done earlier than I have been lately, but there are no guarantees.

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17 Responses to Done

  1. Jennifer says:

    RPMs are going to look wonderful in that yarn!

    Love the River Rapids too.

  2. Sara says:

    Ooh, pretty socks! The stitch pattern is super cute. What colorways are you using for the sweater (is one a mermaid or am I remembering your colors wrong)?

  3. PuppyMomma says:

    I love Sockbug patterns. But I think we’ve already had that discussion haven’t we? ;)

  4. Julie says:

    You certainly have been busy!

  5. susan says:

    VK! Good for you. ;)

  6. Arleta says:

    Looks like a little startitis!
    Everything looks so nice, as usual. :)

  7. Karen says:

    You are a finishing machine these days!

  8. Weaver says:

    Your the finishing Queen of us all! :)

    They all look great! Congrats!

  9. Amy says:

    you are such a tease! *mumbles about having to wait till fall* I love the colors you chose for your mom’s sweater and the two socks are fabulous too.

  10. Tanya says:

    Love all the blues! They’re very Project Spectrum. Can’t wait to see the fall project.


  11. weaverknits says:

    I love the River Rapids socks, and am just about to order some of your sport weight sock yarn to make a pair. Also, I LOVE the stripey vest you have on Knitty!!! I have made two stripey scarves as gifts, want one for myself, but know I will never, never be motivated to attack another project that boring. This is even better!!! Thanks!

  12. Joni says:

    The mystery project colors are wonderful! Can’t wait to see the whole thing. :) Yaay for finishing! And finishing the river rapid socks too–so pretty. :) I’m excited to see how the rpm’s come out!

  13. Gina House says:

    Wow! Those socks are amazing! The Cherry Slush color is crazy cool, too. What a good daughter you are to make your mom a sweater. My Spunky Chunky sweater is coming out great…got both arms done and will cast on for the body tonight. I love the way it’s coming out!

  14. kelli ann says:

    all so very fab. followed a link here from Knitty, i love the stripey vest pattern — excellent.

  15. Zonda says:

    Those will be awesome RPM’s in that colorway! Nice colors for the mystery project, darn, gotta wait til the fall! :)

  16. katrin says:

    beautiful socks!
    and the new yarn also seems to be very “yummy”…

  17. del says:

    Wow, those socks are awesome. Can’t wait to see what the mystery project is!

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