Tattoo Meme

Brenda reminded of Scout’s Meme. I hadn’t participated yet because I figured everyone had seen the big tattoo and nothing else is really finished. Still, I’ll show the big one again and the one that is part of something bigger. Well, actually they both are part of something bigger if you think about it, but that’s more discussion for another day.

For Kayla my love

and so you can see the colors better

And my dear Min

These were two very special dogs and left a big hole in our family when the both passed on last year. I had made a posting last November when I got the Kayla tattoo finished off. You’ll noticed I used the same photo. I couldn’t seem to coordinate my limbs well enough to take a new picture last night. Min was just added a few weeks ago. I still get weepy missing them (like right now reading through the old postings and looking at the photos of them). If you want to read the posts about them you can read about Kayla and Min.

PS – I do believe I’m getting my comments – hooray. I don’t need to set up Haloscan just yet  

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15 Responses to Tattoo Meme

  1. Bad Hippie says:

    Cool meme! I’ll have to get a pict of my tats and flash ’em online! :)

  2. Arleta says:

    Aww. So sweet. I want to see the new pic!!

  3. Amy says:

    so beautiful! What a nice way to remember past family members. You will have to show us again when they are all done

  4. Sara says:

    Amy… both are so incredibly beautiful- what a wonderful memorial to both of them.

  5. Susan says:

    I “get” Kayla’s, but I’m wondering what Min’s tattoo means, if you feeling like sharing that. Jennifer does very nice work!

  6. Tanya says:

    The Kayla tattoo made me all misty again too. Partially because its so danged beautiful. What a gorgeous work of art to have with you all the time.


  7. Nan says:

    Just heard from the argile cow says it getting cold and it just in north carolina have a hot cup of coffee waiting

  8. katrin says:

    we have two labs and i really don´t want to THINK about something happen to them. they´re part of our family as much as anyone else is.
    but… no-one can take away your memories and love.

  9. Amazing artwork. Sadly, I had to keep my tattoo rather small due to the whole teacher-image thing. Watch out for my retirement years, though!!!

  10. Jennifer says:

    The one for Kayla is so gorgeous.

  11. Brenda says:

    The tattoos are amazing! And I read the posts from last year about your dogs and got all misty-eyed myself. What a wonderful tribute.

  12. Very cool! I love the one with the tree especially.

    Can’t think of a better way to remember some special friends.

  13. k8 says:

    i love the tree. so cool.

    i’m trying to get motivated to do this magic yarn ball o’love swap project, and want to make sure you’ll really love it. so… a couple more questions:

    would you rather have:
    thinner yarns or fatter yarns?
    large amounts of fewer yarns or smaller amounts of many yarns?
    stuff you could get in a store or stuff you’ll never be able to get more of?
    roving or not roving?

    i think that’ll set me in a better direction…

  14. Nan says:

    Our argile cow is spending the night in New York Says it is mighty cold Will borad the truck for Portland and then on to Lisbon

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