It's about the socks

I mentioned last week that I needed to be knitting some thinner socks.
Of course this means I needed new yarn. Why, I’m not sure?
I bought this beauty from Union Center Knits:

I should be shot for taking such a bad picture of really nice yarn. I believe the name is Grape Slush but I could be wrong. The yarn arrived and I went into a frenzy, much like the whirling dervish created by the Tazmanian Devil. I tore off the yarn band and wound it into a ball and sat down ready to start.

Needles, where are my needles. I need to start.
Off on a hunt to find needles, I have these….

These are for a gift that I don’t need to have done for another month or so. I’m really good at procrastinating. Still I should be able to free these needles first.

Skinny Socks – Walkabout colorway. One is done and the second wouldn’t take me long if I actually worked on it. I think these could easily be freed next.

Sisu Sparkle – 2 socks on 2 circulars. I didn’t enjoy the technique so there they languish. I don’t care if I free these needles.

Spunky Handpaint – I think these are meant to be socks. The pattern I have inside is only in my writing and is little more than charts for a fair isle pattern. These need too much work to think about freeing those needles fast.

Opal – Love the socks. They are done on 0’s which are a little small for my need now.

Spunky Handpaint – These have size 2 needles and I really wanted to use 1’s for the new project.

Cascade superwash 220 – I’m not a fan of these needles for socks, nor am I fan of brown. The socks are coming out nicely in this yarn. I might change the needles before I start on them again. Next to the fair isle ones, these are the least ready to give up their needles. Not that it matters the needles are a size 4 and wouldn’t help me any if they were free.

Sockotta – ok, these have no needles with them. I included them because they’re socks that aren’t done.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just buy a new set of needles?
Normally that is my answer. I’m trying to actually finish up some long languishing socks. I’d love to end this year with only socks on the needles and no more single socks. Which is leading me to the idea that I might be ripping some socks out. When finding these I found other socks. Actually that is what I did the other day when I was going through the socks. I ripped out a tan sock and a striped green one. 2 down, 8 more to go.

But don’t think this won’t stop me from casting on a new pair. As soon as I free one set of needles, I’ll be starting them. Maybe what I should hope for at the end of the year is to have all new languishing single socks. That might be more plausible the way that I knit.

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34 Responses to It's about the socks

  1. AmyP says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of lonely socks :( All of them are so beautiful though.

  2. Sara says:

    Every single one of the socks is gorgeous… I love how each of them is different! I know what you mean about starting projects and not finishing, though… my vice is scarves- I think I have at least 4 in various states of partial completion and have plans to start another.

  3. Joni says:

    Cherry Slush. ;) Ha ha ha, you know what I’d do–I just rip a set of needles out of a SIP if I want to start a new sock. I’m with you, on wanting to finish up pairs of socks though! I think I have what could easily be considered a whole stash of unfinished socks.

  4. bookgrump says:

    This is why I force myself to not start a second pair of socks until the first is finished. I’d feel lousy about all of the lonely socks left behind. Still, multiple sock projects gives lots of chances for trying out different needles. Have you tried KnitPicks Options yet? They’re pretty cheap!

  5. susan says:

    I’ve had a pair of socks on the needles (two socks on two #0, 32″ Addis — magic loop) for 3 years now. I can’t frog them since they’ve become a bit of joke around my house. Plus, they’re each about 3 inches away from being finished.

  6. PuppyMomma says:

    Foul temptress! I need no more sock yarn!

  7. Arleta says:

    Ahhh! I only have two pair of socks begging to be finished around here. Maybe I should start some more?

  8. Amy O' says:

    Ooo-ahhh! So nice! Is that Spunky Handpaint the Vineyard colorway by chance? TOO COOL! And, congrats on the! Great job!

  9. Heather says:

    wow — I don’t feel nearly so bad about my 4 unfinished pair now! (let’s not mention the non-sock projects) I finished a pair yesterday so I could get to my Sunky handspun socks. I had to force myself! Of course, now I am distracted by my sweater…

  10. Amy says:

    you know, the big thing in fashion right now is mis-matched socks. My sister purposely asked for some for Christmas. You are so in fashion right now! Forget the second sock and embrace fashion trends. (does that help justify never finishing the second sock?)

  11. Jennifer says:

    Well, pick the sock that’s closest to completion and finish that one to free up some needles? You are going to have some well dressed feet once some of these pairs are finished.

  12. katrin says:

    so… my crystal ball tells me that there’s a LOT of sock knitting in your near future, right?

  13. margene says:

    All new languishing socks…that’s a goal!

  14. Karen says:

    Ok, you beat me in the SIP department. Clearly, I need more needles. I love the brown cabled socks. Love them. I know where you can send them if you still don’t love brown when they are done.

    Nice job on More Stripes!! :)

  15. Boogie says:

    I just realized I haven’t been getting comments the past 2-3 days.

  16. Lynne E. says:

    The in-progress socks are all beautiful. It will be a shame if you never finish the brown cabled ones. Why not just move the projects to stitch holders? You can make a resolution that you’ll finish the new socks before you start anything else. :-)

  17. Amy! Boogie! What is the meaning of all this??

    Clearly you need to buy some new needles. ;) hehe

  18. Weaver says:

    I only have one pair of socks on one 40″ addi turbo size 1. I only own one set of said needles. This way, I finish the socks before I start another set. Is it wrong to be totally coveting another set? I work from the toe up and really enjoy making the toes and then I get a bit bored. Maybe if I had like 8 sets of toes all done and ready to go on? Well, dang. Now I have to go needle shopping ;)

  19. Boogie says:

    testing again – one of these plugins has to work right?

  20. Boogie says:

    Please email me my comments.

  21. Boogie says:

    trying once again.

  22. Dianna says:

    The obvious solution (to me at least) is to give yourself permission to have mismatched “pairs” of socks…..

  23. Boogie says:

    Here we go again. Trying to get this comment to email to me.

  24. Boogie says:

    Trying yet again – one of these fixes has to work.

  25. Boogie says:

    The last test of the night.

  26. Boogie says:

    no really, this is it

  27. del says:

    All those socks! And they’re all so cool. I dunno, I’m one of those people who only rips if totally necessary or if I totally hate the project. Otherwise, I make myself finish.

  28. casey says:

    I feel SO MUCH BETTER about my unfinished socks now. Thank you.

    Seriously? I have enough single socks that I’ve really considered just wearing mismatched pairs. To hell with it. :)

    Anyway, they’re all lovely socks… but no, it wouldn’t stop me from casting on with the new yarn, either!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Ooh – love all the socks. I’m especially enamored of the dark blue socks – what’s the pattern? what’s the yarn? Do tell. I can hardly wait to see some finished socks. This cold spell will be great incentive to knit, knit, knit (as if we needed incentive, right?)

  30. Gina House says:

    An amazing Socks Extravaganza!!! Excellent! I love all the varieties and textures of the socks you’re working on. Which one is your favorite?

    I always do socks on 2 circs if I can. I haven’t tried two at once, though…looks like it might not be great fun….

    My group is working on coming to visit you. Most likely in April on a Saturday. Would that work for you?


  31. Dianna says:

    Maybe some great double point needle producer needs to make sock knitters packs of about twenty of each size needle, for sizes 0-4 or so……

  32. DeeAnn says:

    I’m stepping away from your blog before you sway me into casting on yet another pair myself! Gorgeous new yarn is so enticing isn’t it?!

  33. Tonia says:

    OMG those spindles are gorgeous!!! So-hard-to-resist.

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