Monkey Bread

A few weeks ago Joni asked me how I did a healthier version of Cinnamon buns. My family has always made what we call “Monkey Bread”. It’s simple to make and fun to eat.

My picture looks extra lumpy because we started to eat it as soon as it was out of the oven. I tried to camo flauge it but it didn’t work. There are missing pieces.

Bread dough* – 2 lb loaf size

*You can use one of the white bread recipe that I posted a few weeks ago, your own white or wheat bread recipe or you can get ready made bread dough in the freezer section of most grocery stores.

Chop up the dough into small pieces – small bite size pieces like the size of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins, and roll them into balls. This is the stuff that is fun to do with kids. Mix cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl and roll each of the pieces of dough in it.
Place each piece into a greased bread or bundt pan. Just keep rolling in the cinnamon and sugar and placing in the pan until you’ve gone through it all. If you want you can chop up raisins or nuts and sprinkle them in between the layers of the bread.

Bake the bread at 350F for about 25-30 minutes.
I just leave the bread in the pan and we all just pick off little bits. If you are looking for more of a sugar fix you can glaze the top with some type of frosting. Of course the frosting isn’t needed and I never use it, the monkey bread on it’s own is enough of a treat.

I finished these yesterday:

The poor things look out of their element not stuffed with blockers and laying on the wood pile. I was too tired and lazy to make the socks wood happy this morning. They’ll be heading off to my Dad soon.

I finished that Hot Rod last week.

This was all spun on my spindles. The Louet spindle while cheap and not very pretty, makes a great plying spindle. I thought I had 3 ounces of the Hot Rod colorway in South African Fine when I began this project oh so long ago but this little skein weighs out at about 2 ounces. I still think I can make a pair of socks for myself with it. Always hopeful…

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16 Responses to Monkey Bread

  1. Sara says:

    The cinnamon buns look delicious!

    And I am just wowed at the spinning… what an amazing color combonation!

  2. We always turn out the monkey bread onto a plate afterwards and all the syrup that has accumulated at the bottom of the pan then runs throughout the whole cake… makes it even more gooey. :)

  3. pippi says:

    Yum, yum and super yum!!!
    I think that sums it up, in order!


  4. Weaver says:

    we made this one day with one of those tubes of biscuits. The kids now think it is the best breadkfast ever! I’ll have to make my own bread dough for it now.

  5. Tanya says:

    Mmmmm. Carbs. And that Hot Rod is gorgeous stuff.


  6. Amy says:

    I haven’t made Monkey bread in years! Now I am going to have a craving for days XD

    Love the socks and Hot Rod too!

  7. Julie says:

    Yummy! I love monkey bread. I’ve always made it with the rolls of Pillsbury bisquits – this sounds much healthier, especially if you use the whole wheat dough.

  8. Joni says:

    Oooh, thanks for the monkey bread recipe! I can hardly wait to make some. I think it will be less sugar than cinnamon buns, and definitely way more fun to make. :)

    I love the hot rod. It’s so exciting. So…how many yards did you end up with? Socks for the babe I can see, but for you…maybe for legs with commercial feet?

  9. carrie says:

    You spindled that beautiful yarn? Yay! So you did two singles, then plied them together? I’ve just started spindling, and I can use any guidance you’d care to give. =) It’s awfully pretty, and I’m excited about your doing it. Fun!

  10. Suzie says:

    Very beautiful socks. I am covetous. Do you sell that yarn? It looks squishy warm wonderful……

  11. Katie says:

    We have monkey bread in our family, too, but we use pre-made cinnamon roll dough rolled into balls for it =) It’s so yummy, though!

    Pretty socks!

  12. Whole lotta the “yummy” going on in this post…I do love cinnamon rolls!

  13. Terby says:

    The monkey bread tasted great. Quick, too!

  14. Gina House says:

    Monkey bread…yum..never tried it, but I bet the kiddies and I would love it. And the Hot Rod….fantastic….my friend who loves red would die for this yarn. Must tell her…..

  15. wendy says:

    I’m glad to see a healthier recipe. Paula Dean has the same recipe only she uses biscuit dough and puts cream cheese in the midlle of each ball…so fatting.
    Someday I hope to be able to spin my own sock yarn. How much do you need?

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