Link Day

There are some links I keep meaning to share with you but they never seem to fit at the end of a post. I thought I might as well group them all together in one lump.

Finally I have a knitalong blogsite for everyone doing the Spunky Club.

Have fun with it. All the info to register and how it works is on the site. I haven’t done much to make it look really pretty because this week I’m working on my “run around like a one armed paper hanger” impression. If you want to come up with a prettier button for the blog, It would be fantastic. You can never have too many buttons.

Margaux Lange has the most fun jewelry I’ve seen in a while. Take a look around, it’s exquisite. I’m not usually a fan of much jewelry but if I had one of those pieces, I’d wear them everyday.

Black Sheep is not for the faint of heart. Husbeast sent me this. It’s a horror movie with sheep as the main character. I love horror but if you can’t take it, don’t even think about clicking it.

Light hearted and for the 8 year old child in all of us – an oldy but a goodie Colonel Angus. Once a woman is introduce to Colonel Angus, she’ll settle for nothing else.

Music videos for the day:
Metal by Numbers
Baby Got Back

This is it for this week folks. I’ll be back on Monday with a recipe, tales, and hopefully pictures (someone needs to remind me to bring the camera). I hope those of you that are getting this big Nor’easter are staying warm and finding time to play with fiber.

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9 Responses to Link Day

  1. I’m in for the day! Which is good since I need to nurture this cold if I’m going to make it to Spa on Saturday. Enjoy the snow!

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    I think I woke up the fiancee laughing at Black Sheep trailer this morning. Great stuff.

  3. Joni says:

    Cool idea! I just registered for the Spunky Club blog. I need to sign up for your yarn club too! :)

  4. Bad HIppie says:

    You can never have enough “Baby Got Back.” My son wants me off the computer so he can watch it again and again…

  5. I look forward to meeting you this weekend! :)

  6. Monika says:

    I’m a doofus! I didn’t realize that you moved here, and thought, oh well, no new post and moved on. Finally I followed you here! ;o)

  7. PuppyMomma says:

    Come back! My half of the brain misses you already. So lonely.

  8. OniWolda says:

    Did you know Spunky Eclectic was mentioned on the latest Lime and Violet podcast (episode 27)?

  9. Thanks boysa3c52299886102ebb69d6e8e1580ba61

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