Boogie Wuz Here

I had an MRI yesterday.
Magnetic resonance Imaging.
Metal = bad

The day started out with a frustrating “treasure hunt”. I had to search and find clothing that had no metal on it. I’ll do almost anything to be able to avoid wearing a johnny. Which meant it was a giant search through all my clothing to find something that fit let alone had no metal. I seem to have an affinity for clothing that has some metal on it.
Metal snaps.
Metal Eyelets
Metal Doodads.
Doodads? I have clothing with doodads on them?!?!

I thought I was a pretty plain dresser. Black, jeans, tshirts with skulls. Getting dressed every morning is easy. Put on my jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a regular tshirt ove it and we’re good to go. If I have to leave the house sometimes I’ll ditch the tshirt for a summer dress over it all (I know, I make quite the fashion statement). Find an outfit that has nothing to do with jeans or Husbeast’s hand-me-down tshirts and it sends me in a tailspin. Eventually I got past my little clothing dilema. Well, I got past it enough that I could leave the house.

I get into the MRI room and I’m laid out on the morgue drawer. I’ll admit, it’s a little nicer than a morgue drawer and it is warm in there. The hospitals seem to be all up on the heating thing, no thermostat set at 60F in there. It’s not long before they slide you into a tiny little tunnel that’s making a thump, thump, thumping noise. While in there all you see is white tunnel. Clean white tunnel and listening to thumping.

I’m laying there wishing I had smuggled in a Sharpee. I wanted in the worst way to tag the tunnel “Boogie Wuz here”. I mean, how cool would it be to be slid into one of those things and see all this graffiti from everyone that had been there before. At least it would have been something to do. They don’t let you take your knitting in with you, even if you are using plastic and wood needles.

I know you’re shocked, no knitting.
I asked.
No knitting allowed inside the MRI tunnel.
If I ever have to do another one, I’m taking a Sharpee.

It didn’t last long and so I left my morgue drawer to go to Joann’s. I needed to get a zipper for the new cardigan. Staring me right in the face was a fabric sale. I knew the spring dresses are out in the patterns too. I decided on the spot I needed to make myself some clothing that fits and has no metal doodads.

I’m particularly fond of this little beauty:

Which in case you couldn’t tell by the small photo up there, I have it in red and in black. The black will be a summer dress, the red will be a button down shirt. Big dreams for a girl with no time, eh?

I will hope that miracles beyond miracles, I get my work done today and I can sew a new frock.

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21 Responses to Boogie Wuz Here

  1. margene says:

    When I had a CAT scan I closed my eyes the whole time. Couldn’t look and see where I was without freaking. I don’t think there was room to knit! A marker is a great idea…next time;-)
    Hope you are OK! The summer ‘frocks’ will a very chic!

  2. Hate, hate hate the wearing of the johnnie!!!!! For whatever reason, when I arrive at the hospital they never seem to have anything left except the super-ginormous, could double as a sail version. I wrap it several times around my body and find a hair clip or something to hold it. Which I’m sure they wouldn’t let me have in an MRI machine…

    Love the fabric! JoAnn’s always surprises me. Happy frocking!

  3. Joni says:

    I can’t go to Joann’s. I never leave with just, er, buttons. I ordered a zipper online last time I needed one. I get grand ideas just from walking into Joann’s. It’s much too dangerous! ;)

    I had a CT scan last fall, and I remember that I kept thinking I was going to look over and see a replication of me on another table–like the machine was some sort of a duplicating machine. So sci fi. I hope your MRI comes out okay. Or that it gives you the answer you need, and that answer is good. Aw heck, I just hope you’re okay.

  4. PuppyMomma says:

    Well, at least we’ll know what ONE half of my brain looks like!

  5. Weaver says:

    Hope the MRI results are all good!

    Can’t wait to see pics of the new frocks!

  6. Brenda says:

    I never thought of wearing my own clothes when in the hospital. Good idea finding non-metal-laden clothes of your own! I hope the MRI results turn out OK!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Oh no! I hope the MRI doesn’t uncover something too serious.

    That is very cool fabric.

  8. Tanya says:

    What’s up with the MRI? Now you’ve got me worried about ya. Have a good knit filled weekend!


  9. AmyP says:

    Hope everything goes well with the MRI. I’ve had one done. I am now not going to have another without some sort of sedation – eep.

  10. Jade says:

    Um… did I miss something? What was the MRI for?

  11. Karen says:

    I hope everything turns out ok!

    Love the skull fabric!

  12. Arleta says:

    bloglines finally told me you posted! Yay!

    Hope everything’s ok.

    Love the skull fabric! You have the coolest stuff!

  13. LaBean says:

    ut oh.. MRI? Yuck. I had one a few weeks ago. I fell asleep :)) I hope all is well with yours. joann’s is a bad place for me. None nearby so I shop online. And they have those 40 and 50% off coupons. This week it’s the 40. I’m holding out for a 50% dammit! Then I can be let loose!! I keep saying I’m gonna get into Sewing. Then I look at my yarns and fiber and laugh myself into a coughing fit.. Maybe next lifetime.

  14. bookgrump says:

    Oh dear! MRI? Please tell me that they’re just curious to find what makes you so brilliant! :)

    Very cool fabric. The red with skulls is SO much better than anything that they use for johnnies.

  15. Rebekah says:

    Well stupid bloglines didn’t update my feed for you until today, it still hasn’t updated my stupid feed. Anyway.

    A sharpie would be a good idea. My hubby has to get tests/scans run every 3 months, he gets so bored. Although he usually now falls asleep.

    Oh and I love the sweater you just finished, 2 balls of yarn, minimal ends to weave in, what could be more perfect. Well one ball of yarn I guess.

  16. Amanda says:

    I had a MRI on Tuesday but it was face down, certainly no knitting then. I’ve had so many of the damn things lately that I’ve been wondering if I should be carving notches in the machine for each time I visit, like counting the days you are lost at sea.

  17. Bad HIppie says:

    An MRI? Is everything okay?

    If you don’t have time to sew, go to and do a search for the seller “AmyD.” She makes the most awesome skirts/dresses from new and found materials. Her circle skirts are the bomb. I betcha she’s be tickled pink to take on a commission of a skull circle skirt. Lots of etsy sellers do swaps with goods, too…it could be a very cheap deal!

  18. marta says:

    oh!you should have mentioned something beforehand – AL is Mr. MRI. He spends about 60 hours a week manipulating, cajoling, and otherwise making purdy pictures with it. Like the others who commented, I hope all is well and continues that way.

    I think you should have snagged up all the very cool skull-y fabric. I would have jumped through hoops to get a boogie bag out of it!

    Let us know…we’re thinking of you!

  19. Katie says:

    Hope all is well!
    Can’t wait to see what you make up with that fabric!

  20. Susan says:

    Oh, I thought the same thing when I had an MRI a few weeks ago — I was really wishing I’d brought in something so that I could have left graffiti. I pictures writing with a crayon in my mouth. The MRI table usually heats up while you’re in there, if you’re in there long enough. . . for future reference, though I hope that you don’t need to go back. I hope everything works out well and that you are soon feeling better!

  21. mom says:

    I always had to watch her when she had markers, I quess I still have to take the marker away when she goes to the doctors.
    I still love her

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